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Keyhole Garden

A farming demonstration 



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About the Keyhole Garden


This demonstration garden is designed to show how to use recycled or found materials, compost and water to grow food in an environmentally friendly and efficient way.


The inspiration for this display came from a visit to the San Diego County Fair in 2014. California is experiencing a severe water shortage and the San Diego Fair's keyhole garden was designed to promote water conservation. 

The Keyhold Garden and information about how the process is achieved can be seen at the Cowichan Exhibition Park throughout the year and during the fair.   





Apple Trees

Growing produce  



Apple Tree Orchard


The apple tree orchard was established at the park in 2014 and is maintained by volunteers of the Cowichan Exhibition.


 In 2015 the apples were entered into the Cowichan Exhibition Fall Fair where they won 1st place in their category!  It was the first time in the 147 years of the Cowichan Exhibition that the Cowichan Exhibition had won a prize for its own produce!








Hay Field

Demonstrating Agriculture  





The Cowichan Exhibition has been growing hay on 42 acres of open field at the base of Mt. Prevost since 2012.  During midsummer the hay is harvested and baled then used as feed for local farmers. You can see the hay bales we produce every year at the Cowichan Exhibition.  









Bird Houses

Birdhouses at the Park 



Bird House Project


The Cowichan Exhibition has 24 bird houses secured on the park grounds. These bird houses were built and continue to be maintained by volunteers of the Cowichan Exhibition.  They were designed to house tree swallows and violet greenback swallows.


Four of the 24 houses are built specifically for the western bluebirds, a bird that has recently been introduced into the valley once more by the Gary Oak Ecosytems Recovery Team.  


Each year you can see house sparrows, tree swallows, barn swallows, Sprague's pipit, song sparrows, song birds, and more flying on site. Our park is the perfect place to sport a pair of binoculars to go bird watching! 


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