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148th Cowichan Exhibition Fair | September 9th, 10th, & 11th,  2016


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 Cowichan Exhibition Digital Catalogue


The Cowichan Exhibition catalogue is on its way to press!  In the meantime all the entry pages and entry forms are available on our website!  Check back soon for announcements on when the 2016 catalogue is available


Download the 2016 Catalogue Pages Here.




Cowichan Exhibition Catalogue Poster Contest


Winners Announced June 8, 2016


The Cowichan Exhibition would like to thank all 127 participants in the 2016 "Gumboots & Grassroots."  Poster Contest.  This is the most entries we have ever received! Wow! 








Logger Sports are coming to the Cowichan Exhibition!


The Laughing Loggers are back! Lumberjack entertainment at its best!


Two top international lumberjack athletes, from both sides of the globe, will be competing in a full on international lumberjack attack. They will be throwing axes, wood chopping, cross cut sawing, chainsaw racing, hot saw racing (chainsaws with the bling), log rolling & much, much more! Catch their two shows per day and enjoy the skills of logger sports.


If that isn’t enough, we have Nick Hall from ‘The Hall of Chain’ creating works of art with his chainsaw through the weekend.  Along side him is his side kick Ben Lefler just trying to keep up.  Once per day they will enter in to a chainsaw duel where they will attempt to create the best carving they can in 30 min.  it will be up to you to decide who the best is in the ultimate cage carve!


You can also purchase some of the carving creations on the weekend or request that something special and we deliver. 


See all this & more at the Cowichan Exhibition September 9th,10th & 11th!









Facility Rentals


Do you have a special occassion or meeting that you would like to host?  The Cowichan Exhibition located in the Cowichan Valley, British Columbia is a beautifully scenic mountainscape that features facilities for a wide variety of events.  For more information visit Book an Event.