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Our History In the Cowichan Valley



Mission Statement

Since 1868, the Cowichan Exhibition's mandate has been to encourage the cultivation of the soil, the breeding and the finishing of better livestock, the general development of all agricultural resources, and to foster every branch of industrial, commercial, mechanical and household art. The Cowichan Exhibition Society is a non-profit organization that provides an annual community agricultural fair and a year round rental facility.





Agricultural History



The Cowichan Exhibition provides an educational experience of farming  techniques from the old days gone by. During the fair patrons are welcome to explore displays of antique and modern farm equipment. The tractor pull is a big draw during the fair as well as demo's from our antique thrasher, we also feature a tractor parade.






Cowichan Exhibition Hall Display



Since 1868, the Cowichan Exhibition has helped educate the community by providing a diverse cross section of agricultural products, displays and competitions as well as promotion of agritourism within the Cowichan Valley. The annual fair provides a competition showplace for all areas of agriculture including: field products, honey making, wine making, gardening, home baking, canning, needlework, photography, and more.







Cowichan Valley 4-H Club



The Cowichan Exhibition Park provides a diverse venue for the Cowichan 4-H clubs. Our livestock barns, show rings, and livestock ring are perfect for hosting horse shows, dog shows, rabbit shows, Holstein shows and more!





Promoting Local Farmers


Cowichan Exhibition is the ideal facility to promote awareness of agricultural products and agritourism venues within the Cowichan Valley and surrounding area. Bee farmers show off their hives and displays of local farm animals that include emus, water buffalo, turkeys, and more can be found during the Cowichan Exhibition Fair.






General Membership


New members are welcome!

Membership dues are $15 per person or $25 per couple.


Membership meetings are held at 7 pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month.


To find out more about becoming a member of the Cowichan Exhibition,

please contact the Cowichan Exhibition Office at 250.748.0822.



Cowichan Exhibition Board of Directors



President: Tony Irwin

Vice President: Bud James

Finance Chair: Lori John

Director: Anne Baulne

Director: Heather Bertrand

Director: Phil Bertrand

Director: Joe St. Germain

Director: Wendy Langelo

Director: Ted James

Executive Director: Shari Paterson

Past President: Fred Oud



Cowichan Exhibition Past Presidents



J.A.F. Mutter, A.H. Heaslip, G. Evans, J. Kerrone, Miss Mary Waldon, T.D. Groves, Peter Stone, Gordon Grier, Stan Green, J.W. Wikkerink, Dave Gronlund, Mary Nicholas, Peter Manning, Fred Oud.

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