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Christmas Market

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Registration and Booth Layout Forms



2019 Registration Form


2019 Booth Layout



Any questions? Please contact the Exhibition at (250) 748-0822 


or by e-mail at (put "Deck the Hall" in the subject line).



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Interested in Attending?


Dates & Hours



Saturday, November 23, 10 am - 4 pm


Sunday, November 24, 10 am - 3 pm




Admission Charge



The event is free to the public.



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Vendor Promotional Material



Promoting Deck the Hall Christmas Market


Our office has brochures to distribute for the 2019 Christmas Market.  Invite your clients, friends, family and more by picking up some brochures at our office and handing them out.  We also have business cards that you can download and print or email to those you want to attend. These are great to put on your fridge or even leave at your favourite coffee shop.  


Business Card Single

Business Card Sheet


Santa's Social Media Checklist


Draw crowds to your booth and make new clients at the Christmas Market by advertising the products you will have at the show beforehand. Here is a handy guide to help you promote your products and increase sales. 


Santa's Social Media Checklist


Website Badge


Let your clients know that you will be attending the Deck the Hall Christmas Market by adding the badge below to your website or blog and a link to the Christmas Market page.  





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Vendor Setup Information



Set up


Friday 12 noon - 4 pm

Saturday morning 7 am - 9:45 am



Tear down


Sunday evening after 3 pm

Vendors packing up before 3 pm will not be returning





Mellor Hall, Cowichan Exhibition, 7380 Trans Canada Hwy.

(west side of the Mays Road intersection).



Booth Size


There are 72 booth spaces in Mellor Hall, 16 booth spaces outdoors, and 6 spaces in the Pearmine Room

They will be assigned on a "first come, first served" basis.


Mellor Hall Booths are 10' x 8', the outdoor booths are 10' x 10' and the Pearmine Booths are 8' x 8'.


Wall booths include:  one 8’ table, two chairs and power. 

Centre booths include: one 6’ table, two chairs and do not have access to power.



Two Day Show 


The "Deck the Hall," Christmas Market is a two day show.  All vendor applications are for both days. One day applications are not available.



Rental Rates


Early Bird Rate - $140.00 per booth, plus 5% GST, if paid by April 1.

The charge after that date will be $150.00 per booth plus 5% GST;

Additional tables are available for $10 each, plus 5% GST.

Make cheques payable to "Cowichan Exhibition".





Please let the Exhibition Office know by October 31 if you’re unable to use your booth; a refund minus a $25 administration fee will be returned to you. After that date no refund will be issued.



Customer Appreciation Draws


All vendors are encouraged to contribute one item representative of their merchandise to the Exhibition for inclusion in the daily draw baskets.

Draw tickets are available at your booth and are to be handed to customers upon a purchase at your table so they can enter the draw.





The "Deck the Hall" Christmas Market will not be  juried, although the categories will be limited. To ensure the Exhibition knows what merchandise will be available for sale, please check off all of the categories that apply to the products in your booth.





Mellor Hall and the main gate to the Cowichan Exhibition Park will be locked Saturday night after the Christmas Market closes and customers and vendors have departed for the day.


The Cowichan Exhibition will not be held responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to items or personal belongings. 


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Christmas Market Highlights

Deck the Hall Christmas Market Previous Years




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Christmas Market Testimonials

Stories from people who have attended past shows



"I have attended the Cowichan Exhibition and Deck the Halls for 3 years and are always the highlights of my year. The vendor locations are spacious, clean and well lit. The volunteers are out early in the morning taking care of the garbage and general cleanliness; not to mention they are super friendly and always asking if us vendors need a break or if we need setting up/tearing down. Shari, the master co-ordinator, never fails to amaze me. She organizes everything so perfectly that both events always go off without a hitch. I am certainly grateful to everyone at the Cowichan Exhibition for all they do to make these events so enjoyable for everyone!"


~Amanda Kiezebrink from Scentsy



"I have heard many great comments on how people have said to me since the fair that this was the best craft fair they had been to this season.  Lots of variety and fairly priced upper scale crafts and goods at this event and how they just kept going around to make sure they had seen it all. Job well done!"


~Rhonda Richard - Whims N Prims Christmas



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